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Quality control in SDOUKOS S.A. is a central part of our Quality Assurance procedures.

The company has spared no expenses, and has invested in the creation of a modern laboratory that is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment, in order to check the:

  • Physical characteristics (size, crushed nuts, etc),
  • Chemical composition (humidity, aflatoxins, quality of oils, etc),
  • Bacteriological characteristics (fermentation, fungi, etc) and
  • Organoleptic characteristics (colour, taste, flavour) of the products it markets.

Quality control begins at the stage where the raw materials are delivered, it continues throughout each production phase, and it ends when the final–products are loaded on the trucks.

SDOUKOS S.A. is certified to new international standard ISO 22000: 2005 for food safety that includes the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system and with FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000) and the IFS Food Standard.

Processed dried nuts must be handled with care so at to keep their delicious taste. At the plant, the raw materials are initially stored inside fridges, at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels, in order to be preserved in their original state until the moment they will be processed.

At the next stage, air is blown on them with pressure and sieves are used to clean them from the dirt, and following that, they are roasted in hot – air ovens.

All processed dried nuts are then placed immediately inside their protective packages, and nitrogen is added in a controlled manner. Then, they pass through metal detectors and they are stored in a controlled environment, until the moment they are distributed to our customers.

With the use of out modern equipment and processing facilities, for us, every production batch is considered unique. For each batch, we record and have available all the necessary information about the raw materials and all the parameters of the production processes (time and temperature of roasting, product humidity, etc) that meet out customers expectations and comply with all European Union standards. In that way, we are in position to locate quickly and accurately all of our dried nuts shipments out in the market, down to the particular customer that has delivered them.