Sdoukos S.A. is a rapidly growing Greek company that imports, processes and packages dried nuts, dried and rehydrated fruits.

In 1978, Sdoukos company founded the first automated production and packaging in Ioannina.

In 1986, the company relocates to Neochoropoulo of Ioannina, in its new facilities.

In 2000, due to its continuous growth, the company creates new production facilities in industrial area of Ioannina. Is equipped with the most up to date technology.

During 2005- 2008 our company, SDOUKOS S.A. has invested heavily in technology and in modern equipment, at its production plant in the industrial zone of Ioannina. As a result, it is one of the most technologically - advanced companies in nuts processing in Greece.

It cooperates in branded and private label products with:
AB (Delhaize), Masoutis, Sklavenitis, The Mart, Metro, Galaxias, Elomas, ANEDIK Kritikos, Market in, in Greek market. In abroad, Sdoukos S.A. collaborates with Delhaize in Serbia and with wholesalers in Cyprus, Germany, France, USA, Romania, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Mongolia, Norway.

In abroad, Sdoukos S.A. collaborate with Delhaize in Romania, and with wholesalers in Cyprus, Italy, Sweden, Albania, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Canada.